Tips for making your home market ready!

Posted by Kristi Thayer // April 13, 2015

Are you ready to sell your house, but it needs a little bit of maintenance before it can go on the market? Here is a short list of places to focus your attention to get your home ready to go on the market: 1. Landscaping: Mow the lawn, it is amazing the difference a freshly […]

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Renovating Homes and Improving Neighborhoods – Part-3

Posted by Kristi Thayer // March 9, 2015


We are all about renovating home and improving neighborhoods! This project has been probably the easiest project so far start to finish. We found a home that was built in 2010, so we were saved from the “major” repairs that we are so used to doing! When we purchased 2110 Old Rosebud Drive in Nightingale it was […]

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Improving Homes and Neighborhoods ! Part-2

Posted by Kristi Thayer // February 19, 2015

We love improving homes and neighborhoods! Last week we shared our project at 4213 Landsburg Dr in Raleigh, NC. The changes in that home were amazing, we updated the entire home top to bottom. But what we didn’t do was change the floor plan. The next home I would like to share with you is […]

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We love making homes and neighborhoods beautiful!

Posted by Kristi Thayer // February 13, 2015

Home improvement

We love making homes and neighborhoods beautiful! We love what we do so much that  we get wrapped up in the excitement of buying and selling homes, and we neglect our blogging! I had a lengthy brainstorming session today about our blogs; what type of content should we share and how often should we share it? […]

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Things to Consider When Your Inheritance is a House

Posted by Kristi Thayer // November 12, 2014


As people are living longer and longer lives, there is an increasing number of older people turning to alternative ways to fund their retirements and health care needs as they age. This also means a reduction in the number of people who receive substantial inheritances when their parents or other relatives pass away. Most people […]

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Are you trying to sell your house but it needs repairs?

Posted by Kristi Thayer // November 5, 2014

Buy sell

Selling a House that needs repairs When a home has moved past the category of needing repairs and you decide it’s better to sell it, it’s often difficult. The severity of the needed repairs means that going through a Realtor will likely simply result in them handing you a laundry list of expensive repairs, and […]

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How to Escape a Rental Disaster

Posted by Kristi Thayer // October 29, 2014


Many TV shows and blogs out there make it seem like renting a property is a great solution if you have a home you can’t sell for the price you want, or if you have a property and want to turn it into an income stream. On paper, it is simple. You can hire a […]

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How to Sell My House Fast – What To Do !

Posted by Kristi Thayer // October 22, 2014

sell home fast

Homes get romanticized a great deal – they’re referred to as dreams, and they, after all, where we raise families and pursue goals, enjoy holidays, and, yes, live. But ultimately a house is just a property. It’s an investment, and sometimes life intrudes and forces us to sell a house even if we’re quite happy […]

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3 Reasons to Buy a Flipped house

Posted by Kristi Thayer // October 15, 2014


There are a few situations in this world where purchases are rife with stress, emotions, and the constant sense that you’re either making the best or worst decision of your life. One is when you’re buying a new car and staring down a dealer. Another is when buying an engagement ring and feeling the pressure […]

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House Hunting: New Construction or Existing Stock?

Posted by Kristi Thayer // October 8, 2014


Buying a house is as much about personal taste and your situation in life as it is about investing your money and building equity. Every house hunt is a mixture of emotional, financial, and personal decisions. Sacrifices are made – space over price, privacy over style – and we often don’t fully appreciate a home […]

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